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Tata Projects – WOTR program

Breastfeeding Week Celebrations in Telangana and Odisha

Breastfeeding week was celebrated in Mulugu and Asifabad districts of Telangana and Kalahandi district of Odisha at designated Anganwadi Centres and villages from 1st to 7th of August, 2021. A total 24 community events were conducted in Telangana (15 in Asifabad district and 9 in Mulugu district) and 4 community events were conducted in Odisha.The approach multi-dimensional with various types of programmes.Through these events, we could reach out 984 participants.


To raise awareness amongst the community on importance of breastfeeding and nutrition

Programmes conducted:

  • Interpersonal Communication:
    The ANM and AWWs visited the pregnant and lactating women in their homes and disseminated information about importance of breastfeeding, early breastfeeding, myths and issues prevailing in breast feeding.
  • Focus Group meetings:
    Meetings were conducted to disseminate information on breast-feeding, newborn care, nutrition food intake with pregnant women, lactating mothers and women inreproductive age group.
  • Rallies:
    Rallies were under taken in the villages using placards and slogans on importance of breastfeeding, healthy nutrition. The community leaders, men and women actively participated in the rallies. The events were well planned and managed byAnaganwadi Workers, ASHA andANMs.
  • Quiz competition:
    Quiz competitions were conducted among the pregnant womenand lactating mothers on breastfeeding, colostrum feeding, nutrition etc. and to encourage their participation, prizesweregiven to winner.

Vidya Pratishtan

Supported to set up educational infrastructure and improve quality of teaching and learning at Someshwar English medium school run by Vidya Pratishthan Sansthan, Baramati, Maharastra.

Installed language lab, computer lab and digital classrooms in the school.

In total 873 students benefitted with 39 % adolescent girls and 18% AA children.


Volunteering initiative by NPB – UI Team

TPL employees at NPB project donated the ration kits, fruits and medicines to the inmates of old age home at Gurugram. Partnered with “ The Earth Saviors Foundation” for this noble cause Kudos to Team NPB Volunteers #TPLCSR # Volunteer #HumansOfTPL

Volunteers participated:

  • Mr. Animesh
  • Mr. Pramanik
  • Mr. Sukanta Bhattacharya
  • Mr. Dhananjay Dave 
  • Ms. Chanchal Bhattacharya 
  • Mr. Mukesh Verma

Drinking water facility at Tadoba Tiger Reserve


  • Installed drinking water ATM units at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur Maharastra.
  • The aim of the project is to provide safe drinking water to tourists and making the reserve forest plastic free zone.
  • Water is being also provided to the adjacent two tribal villages of Moharli and Kolara .

World Environment Day – 5 June 2021

World Environment Day was celebrated in 6 villages in Osmanabad district (Maharashtra) under Wasundhara Village development program supported by Tata Project Limited (TPL). Theme for the year 2021 is Ecosystem Restoration i.e. trying to balance the ecosystem by preventing damage (changes caused by global warming and its adverse effects on agriculture). What can/should we do to prevent ecosystem damage was the major topic of discussion in village meetings organized on this occasion.

Through project interventions since last 8 months, some good practices are introduced to prevent ecological damage which includes Climate resilient agriculture, organic farming, water conservation, water management, soil conservation, & soil health improvement. Key representatives of Village Development Committee (VDC), Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and WOTR team participated in the meetings. Along with discussions, Tree plantation drive was also initiated & resolution was made to plant and protect more trees in private as well as common lands in the upcoming rainy season. Village wise participation details are presented in below table.

Sr. No Village name VDC SMS Farmers Male Female Total
1 Sawargaon 4 9 18 22 9 31
2 Antarwali 6 0 20 21 5 26
3 Tintraj 2 1 7 7 3 10
4 Jaywantnagar 3 0 7 10 0 10
5 Nanajwadi 1 0 16 17 0 17
6 Bedarwadi 4 9 1 5 9 14
  Total 20 19 69 82 26 108

CREDIA Skill Development Pragramme - Batch 1

AA Matter's 4th Edition - FY20

World Water Day – Valuing Water

As part of Tata volunteering week, we observed “World Water Day” by organizing art competition for employees’ children on the theme “Valuing water”. The aim of the activity was to bring awareness on the importance of water. 152 children participated and shown interest in drawing beautiful and theme based drawings.


World Water Day


Pro-Engager Volunteering Experiences - November 2020

School Sanitization Program @ Balimunda sub station project

A team of TPL volunteers from the Balimunda sub station project have taken the initiative to sanitized the Krishpashindhu High school in Odisha, as the school is reopening from tomorrow after Covid 19 lockdown. This is to ensure the safety and provide germ free environment for school students, teachers and other officials. The event was successful and the school is ready for reopening for children to attend the classes. The School Head Master , Sarpanch , Gram Panchayat Balimunda were also present.